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A PLR package normally includes an ebook or digital product that you are allowed to resell to other buyers, along with various other ‘extras’ that will help make that easier. These extras are essentially marketing materials that you can use to promote your product, add value and encourage more ‘conversions’. It’s extra value for you and if everything goes to plan, it will increase your turnover while reducing the amount of work you need to do to encourage sales.

So, what kinds of extras can you expect to find included when buying PLR products? Just a few examples include:

Sales Pages

A sales page is a page designed entirely to help you sell a product. This is a page for a website that has no other purpose than to guide new visitors to the action button (the ‘buy now’ button) and thereby help you to make a sale.

This singular aim means that the page will be designed with no external links and all the content will be written specifically to encourage people to want to buy from you. It’s a very powerful tool and a great freebie to have in place.

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Mind Map

A mind map is just one example of a free gift you can offer along with your ebook. This is a quick visual reference that your buyers can use to recap on everything they learned in the book.

Resource Sheet

Similarly, a resource sheet will normally show people where they can find further reading or tools related to your topic. If you’re an affiliate for any products, this is a great place to sneak in a few URLs!

Blog Posts

Blog posts can be used to create your own blog or alternatively they can be given away to other bloggers to use as ‘guest posts’. Include a link back to your page and that’s some easy marketing for you!

Email Content

Likewise, it’s common to find that you get ready-made email campaigns including the email bodies and the subject lines. All you need to do is enter these into an autoresponder in order to start driving traffic to your sales page.

Free Report

A free report will often act like a ‘preview’ for your book. It can incentivize people to sign up to your mailing list, all while demonstrating the kind of excellent information and content they can expect if they order your full product.

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