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If you’ve been learning about online marketing for longer than two minutes, you’d probably have heard the term ‘PLR’ from everyone and their neighbors.

PLR (Private Label Rights) content has been placed on a virtual pedestal and is promoted as the panacea to all one’s marketing ills – from helping you to populate your blog with awesome content to allowing you to ‘slap your name’ on a product in minutes and call it your own (legally).

While PLR is extremely useful and can live up to all the hype (if you know how to leverage it wisely) the market is also awash with PLR content that’s less than stellar… and that’s an understatement.

There Are 2 Reasons For This:

1.) Anyone can become a PLR seller because of the low barriers to entry.

2.) Many marketers get into the PLR business just for the money. They have scant regard for quality because the scene is filled with clueless newbies who aren’t discerning and will buy their content without knowing better.

But this article is not about using PLR, the standards in the industry or the people currently buying it.

It’s about you and your plans to become a PLR vendor.

It’s about you and your desire to sell PLR that is lapped up by a crowd hungry for engaging content… and who will willingly pay you for it.

And they will, if you’re good at what you do.

Over and above that, it’s about you becoming a PLR seller who is the cream of the crop and whose name is synonymous with quality – instead of languishing in the muck and mire of mediocrity and ‘averagism’ where the unwashed masses of sub-standard PLR sellers huddle and skulk.

Or something like that.

You get the point… and it all starts with you asking yourself the 5 questions below…

1.) Do You Know What Quality Looks Like?

Many beginners get into the PLR business hoping to make a lucrative income. Understandable… and it’s perfectly fine if you’re doing it for the money.

Passion is overrated. That said, even if you’re doing it for the money, you still need to provide quality.

Many myopic PLR sellers churn out cookie cutter content that’s shoddy and atrocious. Their desperate attempts at profiting as much as possible in as quick a time as possible sabotages their progress in the long run.

So they may start off strong, but gradually, buyers start avoiding them and they never really gain traction because of a lack of repeat business.

You need to know what good quality content reads/looks like. This is one of those business models where some education is necessary.

A common problem that many PLR sellers face is that they outsource their content to third-rate writers just so that they can cut costs and increase their profit margins.

The amateurish writers who are hired in most cases are glad they got a gig. They quickly cobble together a bunch of sentences haphazardly and think they’ve written the next War and Peace.

In some horror stories (which are real), they just plagiarize and rip off content from other sites and deliver it as their own work.

The clueless PLR seller who doesn’t know what good content looks like, thinks that his writer has churned out Pulitzer prizeworthy content. So he releases the PLR and then wonders why no one is buying from him after a while.

You have to be smarter than that. Which brings us to the next question…

2.) Will You Write The Content Or Hire A Writer?

If you’re a good writer, that’s fantastic news and this business model has your name written all over it. That said, don’t misjudge your skills.

Anyone can write, but not everyone can write well. In order to make it in this business, you not only need to write well, but you also need to write fast. So speed is important too.

If you take 3 days to write one article, you’re better off hiring someone else. If you hate doing research, if you hate writing about topics that bore you… if you… you get the idea. Hire someone else to write for you.

If you’re hiring a writer, you’ll need enough funds to hire a competent one – and generally, you can expect to pay more for a writer who knows what they’re doing.

You (and your wallet) may feel the pinch, but you can mitigate your pain by realizing that you’re not paying for content.

You’re paying to build your reputation as a capable PLR seller! Your work will define your worth in your customers’ eyes.

See, don’t you feel better already?

Since you’ll be spending money getting content written, your marketing will need to be on point. That’s the only way you’ll generate enough sales to cover your costs and make a tidy profit.

So be aware of that too.

3.) Will You Go Niche Or Go Broad?

There are some PLR sellers who only create content for one niche. For example, self-help, health, online marketing, etc.

They choose one niche and they go deep.

Then there are other PLR sellers who will tackle any niche, if it seems profitable.

There are pros and cons to both approaches.

If you only sell PLR in one niche, your customers will be more targeted. Over time, you’ll have a finger on the pulse of that niche and be able to create content that’s exactly what your customers want.

This will result in increased conversions and more sales. Furthermore, it’s easier to write about the same topics over and over, rather than researching new niches all the time.

If you decide to go broad, you’ll have more flexibility and can jump on any new trends and create content for them. You’ll be catering to demand in different niches and can see surges in sales. It’s more work, but all your eggs are not in one basket.

Which way you go is up to you. Both are profitable, if done right.

4.) How Good Is Your Networking?

If you’re just starting off, the best way to increase your sales will be to recruit affiliates. Your social skills will need to be relatively good here.

Get to know other PLR sellers and be friends with them. Seek them out on social media and connect ahead of time. Plant your seeds before bringing your needs.

So many newbies and even intermediate marketers have extremely low EQ levels. They disappear for months and suddenly show up when they have a launch. They become overly friendly and try to get other marketers to promote them.

This self-serving attitude is seen a mile away and is a turn-off.

Very often, you’ll get ignored or rejected. One hand washes the other… and in the beginning, if you have nothing to offer, just offer your support (by buying from them) or your friendship.

5.) Do You Have A Marketing Plan?

Before becoming a PLR vendor, you need to know what skills you need, what tools you’ll have to get, and how you wish to build your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re creating written content, graphics, videos, etc. You need skills to do a good job… which means working on yourself.

You’ll also need to know how to build a sales page, write sales copy, build a sales funnel, add customers to a list, email market to them and so on. There are many moving parts in this business. You’ll need to learn them all… slowly but surely.

You’ll also want to do a few PLR launches to gain momentum and build a buyer list in the process. Once you gain traction, you may build a PLR store to get more passive sales. Then it’s just a matter of traffic generation to get even more sales.

Rinse. Lather. Repeat. That’s all there is to it.

In conclusion, if you have the skills and the patience to create high-quality content consistently, you’ll build a loyal following of customers who love your PLR, and will gladly recommend you to others.

If you’re willing to keep learning, and taking your PLR business to the next level and the next, it’s inevitable for your business to grow and flourish.

Success begets success and you’ll become a popular and profitable PLR seller in time to come.

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