A Bit More About Me…

I’ve been working online for since 2019 with a lot of changes over that time. From transcription to virtual assisting, to affiliate marketing and blogging. But last year, I found my true love online and that’s creating printables. 

My Personal Favorite Things…Castles, Cats, Chocolate & Creating!

01. Castles

castles are majestic and magical. I have actually been to this castle in germany…burg eltz. Stunning and beautiful!

02. Cats

another majestic and magical animal…we have 7 of them!

03. Chocolate

ah yes, one of my favorite foods!😉

04. Creating

creating printables. Here is a castle I recently created…no relation to burg eltz though.
what i love most about creating…

Creating Is Something I Truly Love Doing.

Have you ever seen the movie “The Neverending Story?” The castles I created remind me of the one in that movie, well, kind of, but I’m sure you get my point. Maybe I live in a fantasy world, but what’s the point of life if you can’t at least do some of the things you love? Not only doing I love creating printables, but I love creating them for people and when they love them as much as I do, that’s a bonus!

Why not enjoy at least some, or even one, of the things you love doing, even if it’s not your full time job? While “The Neverending Story” might never end, our lives do. So do something you love while you’re living.

Everyone has their own story and this is mine.

XOXO – Jessica

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